Tilda Swinton’s latest performance with Olivier Saillard and latest Tim Walker’s photographs



Tilda Swinton’s latest collaboration with Olivier Saillard, director of Paris’s fashion museum Palais Galliera, for the annual performance programme Festival d’Automne, was based on a fashion dialogue with the audience. The character, played by Tilda, borrowed garments from the public and placed them on a table. Once stretched and manipulated, the character started reflecting on their design for several minutes. “It’s built on a shared complicity and a shared determination to be playful. Our idea this time was to have no structure at all…. We dared each other to be this sauvage. Who knows what will happen — it will be different every night.” Tilda said.

Tilda is the subject of a beautiful feature in W Magazine. Don’t miss it. Titled the Surreal World and shot by Tim Walker, whom I had the pleasure to meet in 2009 in Arles for the photography festival and curated by Christian Lacroix, takes inspiration from the legendary patrons, de Menil and their fantastic collection which comprises Rothko among many other fabulous artists.



Images: Copyright Olivier Saillard, Tilda Swinton and Tim Walker.