Rosângela Rennó presented at Galeria Vermelho



To coincide with ArtRio, Galeria Vermelho presents an exhibition of new works by Rosângela Rennó, along with the installation As coisas estão no mundo [The Things Are in the World] by Marilá Dardot.

Consisting of six digital prints on pure silk organza, the series “Insólidos” [Unsolid] (2014) by Rosângela Rennó was created on the basis of four images. In the series, Rennó lends continuity to her research into the uncommon aspect of family photographs (which in 2005 gave rise to the series “Frutos Estranhos”), emphasizing the notion of how the perception of the images is altered when they are displayed on different and unusual supports.

“Insólidos” reveals images of mysterious places or of curious actions printed on various layers of pure silk organza, giving rise to a three-dimensional effect through superposition. The artist creates an interplay between transparency and opaqueness, between the flat surface of the traditional/analog photographs and the “photographic body,” which nowadays, in the digital era, is bereft of volume.