Rick Owens at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London



A beautiful exhibition by the genius Rick Owens at the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in London. “9 years ago when Hun and I moved to Paris, I continued making the custom improvised furniture I’d had made for our bunker complex on Hollywood Boulevard. Rough lumber models of Robert Mallet Stevens and Claude Parent silhouettes. But as we settled in, and Hun started looking around, the city, and time, might have done something to us. Whereas before I had done something in crudely nailed black plywood, Hun found someone to translate that shape into darkly translucent five hundred thousand year old petrified wood. She turned our huge army blanket upholstered bed from L.A into Alabaster for Paris. A raw lumber curial chair became softly matte white marble. I suggest a few shapes and she diligently coaxes them out of the various talented and temperamental artisans that it takes to make them. Frankly, I suspect them of taking longer so they can receive more of her visits. The rough black plywood we love is always there, but now there are moments of gleaming opulence……9 years later everything’s different and everything’s still the same. The furniture has been a deeply personal exercise in building our own little world.
Welcome to it.”
Rick Owens