I first met Pandemonia at London Fashion Week two years ago and I was immediately intrigued by the character. I wanted to know more about her typical day, tastes in fashion and art, and obviously the impact of London on her career. The self described “dizzy blonde bombshell” agreed to answer my questions and here are the answers for your own delight.
Who is your favourite contemporary artist?

Today it is Takashi Murakami tomorrow it might be someone else – its always changing.How did it all start for you?

It all started on a drawing board. I’m a man made creation.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

Schiaparelli, her work are surrealist pieces of art.. She often collaborated with Cocteau, who was a great artist.

If you were to collaborate with someone who would it be and would the project be?

I’d collaborate with Mattel. Every one keeps asking me for Pandemonia dolls.

Being in OK magazine. As an artist it is important to communicate with the public. My image was delivered straight to its target audience.

What’s a typical Pandemonia’s day?

Walk the dog, ride around in taxis, going to glamorous events….. Living the idealised life!

What is your next project?

In May, I am being flown out to Athens for a book signing at the Museum of Modern Art and a press conference on the steps of the Acropolis. Then it’s back to London for my sculpture show. I’m putting together a body of work which will be shown at the Aubin Gallery later in the year.

What’s your fav part of London?

Park Lane. Its even on the monopoly board. The Parker Brothers during the last depression in 1934 knew it was a classy road.

To finish with, what do you think about the blog and what would you wish me?

It’s a nice blog. I wish you more interviews.