A couple of months ago, my dream came true: I had the chance to meet artist Invader who is presenting a solo-exhibition at Lazarides gallery in London. He defines himself as an “UFA, an Unidentified Free Artist”Grifters features the street-artist most iconic works including his rubix cube series.

How did it all started? 
I suppose it all began the day I started the “space invaders” project, in other words the world invasion by creatures that are out of a video game and that became real. This is a central project for my artistic practice.

Can you tell us more about the show at Lazarides earlier this year please? What were you showing and why? 
The show was centred on my new work “Rubiks’ Cubism” (i.e made from Rubik’s Cubes) and more particularly a new series called “Low Fidelity”, which incorporates the visual world of great album covers. What is amazing with these pieces is that when we take a close look at them, we see most often a squared and abstract image made of Rubik’s cubes, but when we stand back and watch it from the screen of a mobile phone then it suddenly appears extremely sharp.

How many artworks are exhibited in the show? 
About 20.

Why did you pick up these artists for the rubicks cubes album covers? 
They were albums that have been in my life forever, except two who had been chosen by the galerist.

Do you like David Bowie? 
I think everyone likes DB. This man is a living icon. He perfectly mastered his career and image. He is a great artist.

Who do you take your inspiration from? 
No one.

Is it political reasons which led you to express yourself in the streets? 
Partly yes, because it is not an insignificant to illegally work in the street compared with a typical pathway. At the same time this underground political will, and the conceptual or aesthetic aspects of the project are equally important.

What are the cities you need to invade? What is your favourite city to place space invaders in and why? 
I would like to invade a South American city because I’ve never done it there. Geostrategically, it is important that I establish sentinel.

Can you tell us about an interesting anecdote that happened to you when you were placing space invaders?
Joker!If you were not an artist, what would you be doing?
No idea! Maybe I would be working at the NASA so as to invade space!
Do you consider yourself as a street-artist? 
Labels are necessary and people know me mainly for my space invaders project which is indeed comparable to street art. That said I think this is too simplistic because I do not just work on this project.

To finish with what would you wish to this blog? Anything you want to add, tell us? 
This: many thanks and see you later.

Rubik_diamond_dogs higher version.jpg