Yannis Bournias

Yannis Bournias, Greek photographer and friend agreed to answer my questions in an exclusive interview. Enjoy his views on art, and fashion.

Can you introduce yourself and your background ?

I was born in Athens ages ago (1971). I studied photography at London College of Printing (now called London College of Comunication). I’ve always liked to observe, “watch” people and things in a voyeuristic way. I guess that’s why I became a photographer.

Where do you get your inspiration ?

I get inspired from everything that you can imagine. A movie, a painting, people in the streets, people in my fantasies, books, music.

Would you feel closer to the contemporary art world or to the fashion world ?

Art is the only truth I have ever met in my life (and love) but it has nothing to do with fashion. The fashion world is vain, superficial, ephemeral, stupid, loud, shallow, but wonderful. I don’t know if I will be photographing fashion for ever. I don’t believe it is something one should do forever. I believe though that I will be photographing people for ever.

How would you describe yourself and how would you describe your art?

I don’t like to talk about myself. But, I am tall, handsome and with a big nose ! My art comes from inside. It is very honest. And tense. But simple.

What other photographers, artists, designers do you feel close to?

I don’t feel close to any photographers, artists, or designers. I love Caravaggio, Turner, Rothko, Bacon, Schiele, Giacometti, Hopper and Moore. I love all the Russian avant-garde. I ADORE MAN RAY. I believe that John Deakin was a great photographer. Francesca Woodman was very interesting. Nan Goldin is also one of my favourites. I respect and admire the work of Lorca di Gorcia. I like very much Mario Sorrenti and lately , I found the work of a painter called Timothy Sarson, in his first solo show called Nexus – amazing headdrawings – very interesting. (Astra Gallery, Athens.)

How far do you hope to go artistically speaking?

I don’t know how far one can go , but I haven’t been there yet.

Can you tell us about your current and upcoming projects ?

I have recently finished a project. It is a series of photographs all taken at night. It will probably be called Quiet City and hopefully exhibited soon!

Would you consider doing something else if you were not an photographer?

I would like to be a painter, or a film director. Sometimes a singer !

Do you consider that “art is alive” ?ART WILL NEVER DIE. IT IS LIKE WARM BLOOD. ALWAYS MOVING.

To finish with, what would wish to this blog?

I wish this blog to be alive and kicking !

Yannis Bournias
Images: Portrait of Yannis Bournias.
Copyright Yannis Bournias.