Center Pompidou Málaga

The Center Pompidou Málaga, featuring Daniel Buren’s dramatic entrance hall, presents its fourth exhibition since opening its temporary space in Spain in 2015. Pulling from the remarkable collection of the French institution, the exhibition explores themes of silence, holidays, isolation, seaside in an exhibition titled “Time for yourself, free yourself from the constraints of time” and featuring luminaries such as Matisse, Picasso, Léger, André Derain and more important artists. The vibrant yellow walls inaugurating the show contrast with the rest of the museum in a very poetic way.

For many months, our lives have been disrupted by the constraints induced by the health crisis. Málaga and Paris, touristic cities, have seen their streets deserted and their cultural facilities closed. The frenzy of contemporary urban life has suddenly given way to calm and silence. This rupture took place on an individual scale: suddenly forced into isolation and withdrawal, we found ourselves face to face with our own conscious and thinking. A reflective pause then imposed itself, inviting us to rethink our relationship to time, and in particular to the time we devote to ourselves. Centre Pompidou explores the interstice between inner and outside realities and spotlights works by modern and contemporary artists. Highlights include Picasso’s Little girl rope skipping, 1950 and the very immersive and all-senses room by Emmanuel Lagarrigue titled I Never Dream Otherwise Than Awake from 2006.

Unfolding in six chapters in a thoughtful way, this stunning exhibition offers an experience from a literal vision of time for oneself (leisures, holidays) to a more intimate, dreamlike and sensory vision.

Image: Jean Cocteau, (1889, France – 1963, France), Sommeil hollywoodien, 1953