Skullcandy x James Dawe

London-based visual artist James Dawe partners with hype audio brand Skullcandy to create a limited-edition print, here by celebrating the Mood Boost campaign hosted this month with To Write Love on Her Arms.

The limited-edition luxury bundle features Indy™ ANC True Wireless Earbuds in ‘Feisty’ Pink, alongside Dawe’s vibrant new print.  An explosion of positivity and colours emanates from the futuristic-looking package.

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to supporting people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. Since 2006, the organisation has responded to more than 250,000 messages from individuals in 100 countries. TWLOHA has invested over $2.6 million directly into treatment and recovery.

James Dawe creates multi-layered imagery featuring collages and digital fragments in Pop -Art reminiscent compositions. The Skullcandy artworks mixes photos, graphic elements and colourful motifs. Dawe has worked with the V&A, The Royal Academy of Arts, Ferragamo, The New York Times and the British Fashion Council. He talks to Art is Alive about the collaboration with the coolest brand.

What does feeling Feisty mean to you?

Having an adrenaline fueled reactive spark. Exuding confidence with attitude! Giving as good as you get. The rush of raw energy evoked from music or working out.

At what age did you start dedicating yourself to art and when did that ultimately become your career?

I began my career within a year of graduating by picking up freelance editorial jobs and interning with a design studio who worked mainly with the music and entertainment industry. I got to work on some posters for the famous London nightclub Fabric, and those experiences still inform my work today.

What’s the story behind your signature design?

I was given the task to interpret the #FeelFeisty ‘Moodboost’ brief set out by Skullcandy for Fiesty February (this month’s design). The colour palette is based on pink pastel hues including coral and a deep black for contrast.

The sweet palette was designed to contrast with rebellious imagery, reflecting a visceral, outspoken and anti-establishment mood enhanced by the typographic slogan “Let No One Keep You Down”. This was a key structure for my composition, running through the middle of the artwork and interacting with the assets.

Looking at Skullcandy’s brand audience and the subcultures it connects with, I researched and created imagery and iconography relating to Skateboarding, Emo-pop, Grunge-Punk, graffiti-art and balanced this with softer floral details and fluid effects. Pink packing a punch is a good way to describe it!

The idea is that the message is containing a fusion of elements that are about to boil over into a frenetic outburst… which comes across in the brilliant motion work featured on Skullcandy’s website. With a lot of my more intricate work, I like that the viewer can explore the artwork and discover something new the deeper they dive in.

Skullcandy is the original lifestyle audio brand with the mission “to unleash the visceral power of music for all.” Based in Park City, Utah, Skullcandy designs, markets, and distributes audio products around the globe. The company’s web site can be found at