Yves Klein at musée Soulages, Rodez

Following Pablo Picasso (2016), Alexander Calder (2017), Le Corbusier (2018), Gutai (2018), the musée Soulages in Rodez, France, dedicates its summer exhibition to French artist Yves Klein.

While designing his museum, Soulages himself had wanted to devote a specific room to modern and contemporary artists. Pierre et Colette Soulages were really close with the inventor of IKB (International Blue Klein). Soulages continues to explore the possibilities offered by black pigments. The juxtaposition of the two artists makes sense.

The exhibition, conceived as a full retrospective and a space that explore Klein’s experimental ideas, features around 50 works. Monochromes, Reliefs éponges, Peintures de feu, Sculptures éponges, Anthropométries, Portraits reliefs, Globes terrestres, Cosmogonies, Obélisques, Exvotos, Monogolds are some of the 1,500 works Klein made. Books and archival materials also feature in the exhibition including his collaboration with artist Jean Tinguely and architect Claude Parent who had the opportunity to film Klein for one of his projects.

The exhibition catalogue, produced by the Soulages museum, features 196 pages and includes articles by Frédéric Prot and Benoît Decron, a preface by Patti Smith, a rich illustrated biography, and a rare interview with Pierre Soulages about the Klein family, Marie and Yves mainly.