Alex Flemming

I had the chance to meet Alex Flemming while I was in Dubai for Art Dubai in 2008. I was fascinated by his pieces called “Flying Carpet” that I found funny but also conveying a geopolitical message. So I asked him whether he wanted to answer my questions, and he agreed. Since then he’s become a good friend. Here is the exclusive interview.

Can you introduce yourself and your background ?
My name is Alex Flemming, I am a multimedia Brazilian artist living nowadays in Berlin, Germany.

Alex Flemming Flying Carpet
Flying Carpet.

Where do you get your inspiration ?
Inspiration is a bad word, that I prefer not to use. I would say that all my Art comes from History, i.e., History itself, my own history, the history of my friends, the history of the bars that I used to go to drink cognac

Do you feel close to the contemporary art world?
Yes, I feel very much close to the contemporary Art world, being self a part of it.

What other artists, designers do you feel close to?
I feel close to artist that I do not know personally, like Louise Bourgeois, for instance. Or already dead artist, like Alfredo Volpi.

How far do you hope to go artistically speaking?
I have no idea how far I will go… it depends almost completely on the others and on the outside world. But I think it is important to say tha I DONT CARE, for I do my work for myself. Myself and me.

Can you tell us about your current and upcoming projects ?
I am doing now an installation called UNIPLANETARY SYSTEM IN MEMORIAM GALILEO GALILEI. I presented it last year 2008 in Berlin at the ruins of a church and at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. This year 2009 I will present it at Pinacoteca Museum in Sao Paulo. And I would like to present it in 50 other places around the globe, not necessary Museums.


Would you consider to do something else if you were not an artist ?
I am an artist since I was born, therefore I can not imagine being something else.

Do you consider that “art is alive” ?
Yes, not only Art is alive, but also Art is Life.

Thank you so much Alex.