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Kilian Kretschmer

  Meet Kilian Kretschmer, an emerging video artist from Germany. We’re catching up on his inspiration, his future and his heroes… How did it all start for you and are you now with… Continue reading

Susie Lau

  This fashion blogger needs no introduction since she’s the queen of them all. Not only has Susie Lau been pioneering fashion blogging – she was one of only two bloggers invited to… Continue reading

Nicolás Santos

  Nicolás Santos is a young Spanish artist who developed an imagery based on collages and assemblages. He smartly mixes fashion, 30’s American-cinema glamour and boy-related influences, creating beautiful visuals that can disorient… Continue reading

Diane Pernet

  Diane Pernet needs no presentation but for those who don’t know her, she is a world-renowned fashion critic and video journalist based in Paris… the grande dame of online fashion! Previously a… Continue reading

Etienne Derœux

Meet Etienne Derœux, an emerging French fashion designer who recently presented his debut S/S 2012 collection in Paris, at Six Showroom. It features an amazing sense of purity. His approach to fashion is intellectual. For… Continue reading

Tilda Swinton

  Pringle of Scotland is one of the oldest names in the Scottish borders, the birthplace of the British knitwear industry. Founded in 1815 by Robert Pringle, the company began as a manufacturer… Continue reading

Alex Flemming

  I had the chance to meet Alex Flemming while I was in Dubai for Art Dubai in 2008. I was fascinated by his pieces called “Flying Carpet” that I found funny but… Continue reading

Yannis Bournias

Yannis Bournias, Greek photographer and friend agreed to answer my questions in an exclusive interview. Enjoy his views on art, and fashion. Can you introduce yourself and your background ? I was born… Continue reading

Mattia Biagi

Former apprentice for Giulio Cappellini, considered as the reference in design, former model for fashion designers, Mattia Biagi is an artist in his own right. How would you describe yourself and how would you… Continue reading