Nan Goldin at Marian Goodman

On 14th November, Marian Goodman Gallery in London will open Nan Goldin’s first exhibition with the gallery. Since the late 1970s her work has explored notions of gender and definitions of normality. By documenting her life and the lives of the friends who surround her, Goldin gives a voice and visibility to her communities. In 2017 Goldin formed the activist group P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now) which stages protests aimed at US pharmaceutical drug companies.

A new digital slideshow, Memory Lost (2019), will recount a life lived through a lens of drug addiction, and Sirens (2019) will mark Goldin’s first work to be made from found video footage and will be accompanied by a new score by Mica Levy. Another video installation, Salome (2019), will be presented on three screens and is premised on the Biblical story of Salome, exploring themes of seduction, temptation and revenge. In addition to these video works, Goldin will present a series of large sky and landscape photographs taken during the 2000s. A newly edited version of The Other Side (1994–2019) will be presented alongside a number of photographs from the same series which have never before been exhibited publicly. The exhibition will be on view until 11th January 2020.