Theaster Gates’ Black Chapel

For the sixth iteration of Haus der Kunst’s series “Der Öffentlichkeit”, Theaster Gates has created the “Black Chapel”. It opens on 25th October and will run until 19th July 2020.

This complex installation directly responds to Haus der Kunst’s dramatic architecture imbued with political and spiritual narrative. This exhibition is part of a multifaceted project dedicated to the comprehensive photographic Johnson Publishing archives. For this work, Theaster Gates has conceived a series of new sculptures that intervene directly in the architecture of the museum.

Featuring an interplay of sculpture and photography opens up a space that evokes questions related to black history, spirituality and representation. Drawing on his interest and training in urban planning and preservation, Gates redeems spaces that have been left behind. Known for his recirculation of art-world capital, Gates creates work that focuses on the possibility of the “life within things.”

Image: Still with Hat, Basel, 2018 © Theaster Gates. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Chris Strong.