Damien Jalet & Kohei Nawa’s Vessel at Sadler’s Wells

Olivier Award-winning choreographer Damien Jalet, who choreographed Hussein Chalayan’s Gravity Fatigue in 2015, and supernatural psychological horror film directed by Luca Guadagnino Suspiria (2018) partners with Japanese contemporary artist Kohei Nawa to create Vessel, an immersive show which blurs the lines between the human form and its environment.

Inspired by the body’s composition predominately being made up of water, the near-naked dancers inhabit a flooded stage, both reflected and hidden by its mirror-like surface.

To an electronic score by Marihiko Hara and Ryuichi Sakamoto, seven beings perform strange rituals, exploring the organic structure that floats atop the water, merging together to form a new type of entity in a visually arresting cycle of life and death.

Damien Jalet has travelled the world, infusing his dance with images of the myths, religions, and rituals of each country that he visits, and reflecting the conflict between body and mind in the dance. Kohei Nawa explores materials and techniques through his sculptures and installations that communicate an organic world view while successfully combining image and materiality.