Otobong Nkanga at Castello di Rivoli

Otobong Nkanga (Kano, Nigeria, 1974) is the subject of a solo presentation at Castello di Rivoli on the top floor. In her dramatic piece, the artist explores urgent issues related to the ecological crisis and the environment, the exploitation of resources and sustainability. The installation brings into dialogue the different cultural traditions that are intertwined in the biography of the artist: born in Nigeria and raised in France, currently living in Antwerp.

In 2017 the artist participated in the exhibition The Emotion of COLORS in Art held at Castello di Rivoli and at GAM in Turin when in the Manica Lunga she exhibited the work Kolanut Tales: Slow Stain, 2012-2017.

Specially conceived for the galleries on the third floor of the Castello, the exhibition consists in a large site-specific project. Drawing an unprecedented landscape, the installation includes works-carpets whose irregular shape is inspired by the shape of minerals, such as quartz and malachite, whose healing properties have been known since ancient times. The carpets extend into the space through very long hand-woven cords which in turn connect multiple concave sculptural objects that suggest manipulation by visitors.

The exhibition is part of a collaboration project with Villa Arson, Nice, where the first retrospective dedicated to Otobong Nkanga in France was presented. Curated by Eric Mangion, the Nice exhibition focused on the artist’s main works to date.