Philia’s exhibition at Cité Radieuse in Marseille

Running until 2nd July at the iconic Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse in Marseille, France, Héritages is presented by Galerie Philia in the spectacular top floor and interiors of the architect’s masterpiece.

The exhibition coincides with the 70th anniversary of the 1952 residential housing building, and is Galerie Philia’s inaugural collaboration with nomadic arts magazine Eclipse. Organised around two main themes, resonances and dissonances, the exhibition is an absolute success.

“Set within the walls of Le Corbusier’s architectural masterpiece La Cité Radieuse, the exhibition Héritages weaves a dialogue of resonances and dissonances between contemporary artists, designers and Le Corbusier, acting both as a tribute to and a critical reflection on his theoretical and artistic ideology”, said the editors of Eclipse.

While Galerie Philia commissioned eight international designers to offer new works that reinterpret Le Corbusier’s fundamental principles, Eclipse magazine grouped six modern and contemporary artists to showcase Le Corbusier’s affiliation on visual arts. The dialogue perfectly works.

Contemporary furniture are envisaged as a continuation of Le Corbusier’s legacy and historical heritage. A stunning brutalist vase by Rick Owens resonates with a minimalist steel daybed by Arno Declerq, a nod to one of Le Corbusier’s favourite material. Indian designer Paul Matter, whose work is deeply influenced by the architecture of the Palace of Assembly in Chandigarh, features a brass light based on the mathematical and precise measures of The Modulor. Mirorring the furniture, three major artworks including original engraving ‘Le Chevalier ‘(1948) by Pablo Picasso celebrate Le Corbusier’s harmony of forms and pictorial gesture.

The second room dedicated to ‘dissonances’ features sculptural and visual works that examine Le Corbusier’s theories of standardization and regularity. These include the beautiful sculpted oak work by Jérôme Pereira exploring questions of balance and the hammered bronze candlesticks by Niclas Wolf. With regards to artworks, drawings by modern artist Sam Szafran and contemporary artists Fabrice Hyber and Flora Temnouche explores ideas of oscillation and movements. Hyber’s paintings made with vegetal resins, depict volatile convolutions of intertwined leaves, and Szafran’s and Temnouche’s drawings on paper feature interior landscapes playing with notions of irregularities.

The show is a must-see for travellers to the South of France this summer and locals alike.

Images: © Maison Mouton Noir / Courtesy of Galerie Philia / Courtesy of Le Corbusier Foundation / FLC / A.D.A.G.P 2022