The National Menagerie of Art by Prestel

The National Menagerie of Art von Thais Vanderheyden

This funny and quirky book features illustrations by Belgian writer and illustrator Thaïs Vanderheyden. Published by Prestel, The National Menagerie of Art, Masterpieces from Vincent Van Goat to Lionhardo Da Stinki reinvents the greatest paintings and inserts funny and cute animals to the scenes, twisting the narratives and offering smart entry points into art history.

Here, Mona Lisa is transformed into a comic pig, Jackson Pollock’s gestural paintings is invaded by little colourful bugs, and Munch’s scream appears less concerning with a panda’s face. Play on words with titles and painters make for a very funny title that make kids and adults happy to find out more about these masterpieces.

Covering every art movement, from Michelangelo to Velázquez, Renaissance, modern to contemporary art, each of the 64 reinterpretations will help kids discover masterpieces and make them become art critics! This is the author’s first book published in English and this is not the first book aimed at children by Prestel. The publishing house has a large selection of fantastic books for kids.