Louis Fratino and Tony Feher

Tony Feher and Louis Fratino whom I had the pleasure to interview a few years ago, visually dialogue at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. Featuring a series of new etchings and works on paper by Fratino, and mixed-media poetic sculptures by Feher, the exhibition explores queer examinations through spaces, sexuality and gestures of everyday life.   

Tony Feher’s unique body of work recast the utilitarian and familiar into sculptures both elegant and ambiguous in their perceived simplicity. Feher’s work can be found in important international public collections including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and The Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois. His installations are vulnerable in their presentation, contemplating the endurance of form against the transience of meaning.   

Louis Fratino’s new series of editions see the artist exploring a new method of image-making within his rich oeuvre of painting, drawing, and sculpture. In both his editions and works on paper, Fratino adapts the visual languages of European and American Modernism to represent moments both singular and prosaic. A flock of birds soaring above the countryside, or a vase of flowers and seashells set against ocean waves, evoke the same intimacy as interior scenes of two men making love atop the bedsheets, or the artist’s own self-portrait of quiet reflection, seated at a table and holding a piece of floss close to his face. Existing in the space between quotidian invention and personal memory, Fratino’s etchings imagine moments in life as simple as they are sublime.