Curator Socks

Curator Socks inspired by Masterpieces is a Portuguese company founded by João Simões and Gonçalo Henriques, two entrepreneurs who make high-quality soft and resistant socks inspired by their personal passions: car racing, sports, travel, music and art. The amazingly-executed socks are manufactured thanks to the 200 needle-technology and coloured with the finest combed cotton, seamless knitting and no stitches.

The company, based in the trendy capital of Portugal Lisbon, started in 2017 with Heel Tread, a brand that later expanded in 2019 with Cars and Motorsport-inspired socks. The wide range of socks means there’s one pair for everyone, from music lovers with the Stereo series featuring covers of iconic album such as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for example, to football fans with socks featuring the Portuguese flag. Polo shirts are also available and made to the highest standards.

The art series’ best sellers feature paintings such The Scream by Munch, Medusa by Il Caravaggio, The Kiss by Klimt and Mondrian’s Composition II. Curator Socks are already stocked in museum shops around the world including the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, check them out!