Vojtěch Kovařík at Villa Era

Running until 15 November 2020, emerging artist Vojtěch Kovařík is the subject of an exhibition at Villa Era, a sumptuous 19th-century mansion and estate located between Milan and Turin. The show is curated and organised by Mendes Wood DM, and Kovařík’s paintings are presented alongside works by Cristina Canale, Brice Guilbert and Paulo Nazareth.

A recent graduate from the Faculty of Arts of the Ostrava University, in the Czech Republic, Kovařík is gaining attention among collectors and media for his figurative paintings which bring together influences ranging from Georg Baselitz and Markus Lüpertz, Soviet Brutalist sculpture, pop culture and Greek mythology.

For this latest group of large-scale works, the artist has drawn inspiration from the Odyssey, Homer’s epic tale of Odysseus’ long journey home after the Trojan war. Kovařík’s statuesque figures often feature alone in desolated landscapes, with enigmatically tranquil faces hiding their past and history.

The coronavirus crisis forced institutions to present art in unusual and different contexts outside the beaten tracks of the art world.

Following this conceptual framework, the aim of this programme of exhibitions is to rediscover art at a slower pace. Kovařík’s exhibition is displayed across the Villa, creating a large-scale, immersive experience with the other artists that blends contemporary art with 19th-century Italian refined architecture and subtle outside spaces.

Villa Era, Vigliano B.se
Villa Era, Vigliano B.se