Karen Kilimnik at 303 Gallery

Karen Kilimnik is the subject of an exhibition at 303 Gallery in NY. Spanning the full spectrum of media – from painting, photography, collage, sculpture and video – the exhibition explores ideas related to celebrity, history and pop culture. The artist is familiar with this conceptual framework.

Running until 20th December, the show continues Kilimnik’s investigation of  themes of architecture, nature, science and literature. Reminiscent of the efforts of a ‘Sunday painter’ mixed with classical techniques borrowed from Old Masters, the works showcase celebrities or excerpts from famous films copied from existing references.

Highlights include two new video works. The World at War, (2018) brings together clips from colour and black and white films primarily set during World War II, selected for their music and their depictions of camaraderie between troops and officers singing, seen amid battle as well as off the field.

Image: Karen Kilimnik, the scallop shell island at dusk, 2018, Water soluble oil color on canvas, 10 inches (25.4 cm) diameter, KK 4407