Melanie Manchot at Kunsthaus Pasquart

Melanie Manchot’s ongoing Mountainworks: projects respond to the landscape, community and tourism-led economic infrastructure of Engelberg and explore contemporary notions of the sublime. The exhibition staged at Kunsthaus Pasquart from 14th April, marks ten years of producing both photographic and video works relating to this Swiss mountain valley. These artworks offer a sustained examination of humans’ complex relationship with mountains, as imaginary environments.  In these works, the mountain stops being the purely natural environment that we know from romantic representations and becomes a stage where we are introduced to the machinations necessary to establish a subtle balance between our desire for control and our attachment to the idea of nature as wild. 

Alongside this overview of Mountainworks, the exhibition stages Dance (All Night, London) (2017), presented as a large-scale video installation in the Salle Poma. Dance (All Night, London) was produced in collaboration with ten dance schools from London’s East End, each representing a different style of movement, and in turn a different culture and history.

A new dance performance, developed in partnership with nearly all Biel’s dance organisations, will take place in the city’s historic Old Town on the evening of 25 May. Referring to Alpine traditions of processions and parades this will be the first within this series of dance performances to integrate live sound: working with a variety of local drummers and percussionists the streets and squares will resonate with polyphonic rhythms, thus activating the public space with both gestures and sounds.