Close: Drawn Portraits at the Drawing Room


Close: Drawn Portraits
a remarkable exhibition presented at the Drawing Room in London thanks to The Tavolozza Foundation, remains on view until 3rd February 2019. The exhibition features some of the most significant artists and reveals intrinsic understanding of representation through drawing.

Using clear and assertive lines, Picasso and Freud capture a posed subject. Portraits of family members by Cézanne, Auerbach and Goodwin convey the sense of an intimately unfolding experience through multiple pencil or charcoal traits. In self-portraits by Maria Lassnig’s vibrant colours reflect psychological feelings and bodily landscapes.

The full list of artists on view is very prestigious. It features Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Barbara Hepworth, Frank Auerbach, Paul Cézanne, Lucian Freud, Pablo Picasso, Paula Rego among many other luminaries.

Image: Pablo Picasso, Tête, 2 March 1943. Pen and ink on paper, 65.5 x 51cm, Courtesy Omer Tiroche