Throne by Kohei Nawa, Musée du Louvre

Kohei Nawa’s Throne (2018) is on view beneath I.M. Pei’s glass pyramids that mark the entrance to the Louvre museum in Paris, the most-visited museum in the world. This monumental work is entirely covered with gold leaf, and blends Japanese cultural tradition with cutting-edge technology. The installation is one of the highlights of the exhibition, Japonisms 2018: souls in harmony, on the 160th anniversary of the opening of diplomatic relations between Japan and France.

“This work attempts to express that premonition as an immense “floating vacant throne”. If you think about what instances of power and authority have continued without interruption since ancient times, the pyramids provide one example, but we have to also ask what will continue into the future. Created with reference to the forms of festival floats and portable shrines that appear in the rituals and festivities of the East, the sculpture fuses today’s 3D modeling techniques with gold leaf techniques that date back to ancient Egypt.”—Kohei Nawa.

Image: Throne, Kohei Nawa © Musée du Louvre / Antoine Mongodin