Monet and Boudin at Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza



Monet/Boudin is the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza anticipated summer exhibition. It opens on 26 June and will pair two masters: the great artist Claude Monet and his teacher Eugène Boudin. The exhibition will focus on Monet’s early and formative years while also highlight the similarities and differences between the two artists. The historical context and the birth of Impressionism particularly, are also in the background of this spectacular exhibition.

Organised by Thyssen curator Ángel López Manzanares, the exhibition brings together around 100 works by the two artists which reveal how Boudin’s early teaching slowly converted into deep admiration for his pupil’s visual exploration. The exhibition emphasises themes of changing history and the emergence of modern life through summer beach scenes at Trouville for example. The birth of Impressionism appears in the artist’s depiction of sunshine and its impact on light, the subject of most of the artists’ pastels and oil paintings on view in the show. The cliffs along the Brittany and Normandy coastlines epitomise both artistic visions and the idea of Impressionism.

Image: Eugène Boudin, Figures on the Beach in Trouville, 1869