Siobhan Davies Studios present Notes on Gesture


Artist Jeremy Millar considers the impact and status of a gesture and constellation of gestures, as a performance or as “moments”, and curates a poetic exhibition, presented at Siobhan Davies Studios. This two-part exhibition has emerged from the developments  of the company, and unfolds until November 2016.

‘Each gesture is an event — one might even say a drama — in itself.’ – Walter Benjamin

Notes on Gesture takes this interesting quote by art historian Walter Benjamin as a starting point and includes works by Kari Altmann, Darcy Lange, Bruno Munari, Paul Elliman, Heather Phillipson, Rebecca Warren and William Anastasi. It also includes archival materials from collections such as the V&A and the Warburg Institute.

It features performance, film, photography, and spoken words. Also drawing upon the art historian Aby Warburg’s idea of the recurrence of certain gestures in different times and different places, these shifting, recurrences will reappear throughout the year creating a new network of gestures.  It’s deep, lyrical and fascinating.

Image: FINAL DAYS: UNDERWEAR (2015), HD Video, 5 mins by Heather Phillipson (featured in Part I)