Bailey’s Stardust at the National Portrait Gallery


‘Spin paintings’ an artwork by Damien Hirst is part of the front cover of David Bailey’s new book, Bailey’s Stardust, which will accompany the photographer’s exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, opening in February.

David Bailey says of the Hirst painting: ‘Damien was generous in letting me use one of his great spin paintings to create the front cover for my new book – Bailey’s Stardust.’

Over 250 images, personally selected and printed by Bailey, will be presented thematically across a series of rooms and will illustrate the extraordinary range of subjects that the photographer has captured throughout his career: actors, writers, musicians, filmmakers, designers, models, artists and people encountered on his travels; many of them famous, some anonymous.

Image: The cover of Baileys Stardust. ©Published by the National Portrait Gallery, London.