Nicolas de Staël in Provence

Nicolas de Stael.jpg


Curated by Gustave de Staël, curator and son of Nicolas de Staël, and Marie du Bouchet, a writer, producer and member and coordinator of the Comité Nicolas de Staël, Hotel de Caumont in Aix-en-Provence, France, presents a fantastic exhibition of works by Russian-born artist Nicolas de Staël until 23rd September 2018. The remarkable show features 71 paintings and 23 drawings in the dramatic settings of the gorgeous hotel particulier.

“You never paint what you see or think you see. You paint with a thousand vibrations the blow that has struck you: how can you be struck and not cry out in anger?” The perpetually-unsatisfied artist said.

The exhibition ‘Nicolas de Staël in Provence’ demonstrates de Staël’s pictorial apogee and highlights the genius of the tortured artist who committed suicide in Antibes, the city that hosts some of the most important of his works in France.

His constant exploration of colours, shape and nature is poignant in the vivid paintings. His travels which involved Agrigento, Ragusa, Syracuse, Catania, Taormina, and Fiesole provided inspiration for a series the painter started in Lagnes, Vaucluse.

Nicolas de Staël’s Provençal period was an important turning point in the painter’s life and work. His discovery of the midday Provençal sun, the exceptional beauty of the landscapes and archaeological sites, the intense experience of solitude enabled him to produce exceptional works for his exhibition hosted at the Paul Rosenberg Gallery in New York.